About Me

Kaio Barbosa-Chifan
(Kai-o bar-Bow-suh key-Fawn)

I have an interest in programming as a whole, I get paid for web dev, and I can't seem to shake off the idea of making games for fun.

I was born in California, and grew up in Natal, Brazil, returning to California at age 15. I studied Computer Science at the beautiful campus of UC Santa Cruz.

In the past I have traveled a decent amount, and have lived in a few different countries, but in June 2021 I settled in Seattle where I live with my wife.

  • Moderna


    SDE II

    Building and maintaining marketing websites.
    Working on AI powered translation and localization

  • Freelance Dev

    11/2022 - 6/2023

    Jack of all trades, master of some.
    Did a variety of contracts, including
    - Standing up websites from scratch
    - Game development in Unity and Godot
    - Assisting some very interesting AI projects

  • Health Note

    1/2022 - 11/2022

    Full Stack Engineer

  • Parsons Corporation

    3/2021 - 2/2022

    Front-End Engineer

  • English Tutor

    4/2020 - 2/2022

    Taught over 1000 classes to English learners of all ages.

  • UC Santa Cruz

    9/2015 - 6/2019

    B.S. Computer Science